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Does your Child's youth sports organization offer pictures on a certain day? It could be a parks and rec, a boys and girls club or even a school. Maybe they are looking for a new Photographer who is more interested in producing a quality product for you and your child. If this is so, then please pass along the name and contact information of your group if you would like us to contact them and see about setting something up! Message us on facebook or by e mail and thanks in advance Lloydlee 

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Our January 2014 Photography classes

Basic Digital Photography Class (point and shoot cameras)
Thursday January 9th 2014 6-9 pm

Basic Digital Photography Class (DSLR Cameras)
Thursday January 16th 2014 6-9 pm

Advanced Digital Photography Class
Thursday Jan 23th 2014 6-9 pm

Light, Lenses & More Class
Thursday January 30th 2014 6-9 pm

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Lets have some Photo fun!

Got a new Holga camera! Yea it's film!

New image i shot today with my Holga limited edition Gretchen Bleiler 135BC Film camera!! Yes i said... Film!! :-) Developed and then processed the film and scanned onto a disc! Pretty cool Effect if you ask me!!  Love not knowing what i got till its developed!!  It's an image from the Diamond State Drive in that is in Felton!  Let me know what ya think? :-)

They taught us how to be Winners!

Last night i was asked to take some pics at the Woodbridge class of 1973 40th year reunion and while i graduated in 1974, i have to admit these guys put on a heck of a class reunion!!  One of the special guests was head football coach Joe Purzycki, who everyone could see still could make the ladies swoon with his good looks and great personality. In fact only the boys remember that the only person prettier than Joe was his beautiful wife!

Joe told the story  of how he came to Woodbridge and saw the sign on the turn off into town "if you live here you would be home now" and after making that turn found out he had completely driven thru the town! LOL  Joe Purzycki took a football team who had  won 3 games in 3 years  to the very  top of the Henlopen Conference! He taught us how to win, one of the classmates said and indeed he did!

In fact many of the past Woodbridge coaches and facility that were in attendance had the message,  what a great community Woodbridge was with wonderful people who welcomed them in with open arms and heart! Coach Kay Smith said she ended up staying and coaching for 38 years and had no desire to leave Woodbridge!  Len Chasanov who was recently inducted into the Delaware basketball hall of fame talked of this coaching days and how with all his many wins over the years his only Championship came at Woodbridge! They all told wonderful stories of their remembrances of Woodbridge and the people along the way!!  Most of the class mates had even forgiven principal Joe Conaway for paddling them along the way and now even admitted they needed it! But all of the Classmates commented on how supportive and helpful the staff truly was!

This wasn't an easy time for Woodbridge who almost 4 years early was still upset over the consolidation of Bridgeville and Greenwood schools and the loss of their past identities!! But the friendship and closeness of this class made it seem like none of that was ever an issue!  I heard one of the people from the party next door say "Look at the group next door! Now that's a party!  People of all make ups of life coming together for a good time!"  and indeed it was!

Yes it was a wonderful reunion, i even stayed till the end! And it wasn't even my class!  My wish is that this same pride in the school and district carries over for generation after generation!  And i thank all my past teachers and administrators for encouraging me and working with me along the way! Woodbridge you rock!

Photography by Lloydlee Heite
10277 Sunnyside Road
Bridgeville, Delaware 19933

Team and Sports photography by Lloydlee Heite!

With Fall sports starting today just wanted to remind everyone that we do team and individual sports photography too! Great prices amazing quality! No long distance dealings! :-) give us a call or message to schedule your teams or schools photography! 302 682 7000 

Photography by Lloydlee Heite
10277 Sunnyside Road
Bridgeville, Delaware 19933